How do I put off the fear of the earthquake?

It’s been nearly 4 months of the earthquake. But frankly the remnants of the fear are still lurking in my mind. On top of that the frequent jumpy aftershock reinforces the fear.

What do children’s drawings say after the earthquake?


It is said that the children can’t express their emotions through words properly like adults. That is why art is seen as the effective method for expressing their emotions especially in the times like now, the post crisis situation.

Cognitive Distortions of Nepali politics

cognitive distortion

Cognitive distortions of Nepali politics: – Sujan Shrestha In this time of political chaos and polarisation in Nepal, a great fissure is seen not in netas only but among the people also which is more evident if you map the twittesphere of Nepalese twitterati. If somebody doesn’t  agree to a person’s statement or opinion  then […]

Debunking the famous Neuromyths


Neuromyths are are the misconceptions about the brain. They are loosely based on scientific facts but are actually false. They are staggeringly prevalent among the educators and school and appear to be true and convincing in the face value.

Are sociopath and psychopath the same?

psychopath and sociopath

  –Sujan Shrestha Are sociopath and psychopath the same? There’s a famous British telly series , Sherlock, in which Benedict Cumberbatch plays the leading role of Sherlock Holmes. Because of his eccentric behaviour and his passion for crime (solving them) he is labelled as a ‘psychopath’ by some of his haters to which he refutes […]

Can selfie tell your underlying personality?


Human psyche is always evolving and changing. The dynamic nature of the personality makes the study and determination of the personality of person difficult. Personality is not only what is shown or manifested outside.