Nepal in the 8 th rank country to have the highest suicidal rate in the world

According to the report published by the police 13 people in average commit suicide everyday in Nepal. Nepal Police has published the comprehensive report on the death by suicides over the span of 10 years from the 61/62 to 70/72. 29,905 people committed suicide in that time span according to the report. This figure has secured Nepal in the 8th rank country to have the suicidal rate in the world according to suicide per capita population.

The report has shed the light that women are in more number than men committing suicide. The 40-60 age group had the highest number of suicidal rate whereas 15 year age group had the lowest number.According to the police analysis the people involved in agriculture job had the highest suicidal rate. Then the daily wage earner , students, office workers etc had the highest suicidal rate in serial wise.

Interestingly the police has classified the causes of commited suicide in three strata according to the socio-economic status of the dead people. According to police, carefree life with drug and alcoholic abuse and depression from isolation were the main causes of the suicide among the rich class of the people. In the middle order, the causes were expensive lifestyle and over ambitious attitude in the name for securing the future were the main causes for suicide. In the low economic group, people committed suicide mainly because of ignorance, illiteracy, unemployment and poverty.

Full report  of the news can be read in the following news article in the setopati’s link below:

setopati_com_chapa_bata_21404 (pdf file)

(P.S. it’s not clear whether the police prepared the report independently or took help of the professionals while preparing it. But whatever may be, this information is definitely crucial )

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