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‘We Listen’ (Hami-Sunchhau)

What is ‘We Listen’ (Hami-Sunchhau)’?

We Listen is the name of the free of cost Psycho-social service provided for targeted beneficiaries with a strong chain of referral on behalf of PNN. IT is the voluntary initiation of Psychibigyaan Network Nepal (PNN) where we will try to be ear to everyone who wants to speak out. We believe most of the problem arises when we do not have any one listening to us actively, and here we try to be that ‘ear’ whom you can reach out if you have any problem.

Our initiations for ‘We Listen (हामी- सुन्छौ)’ :

  • We Listen-Space: A space where targeted beneficiaries can directly come and have individual session.
  • We Listen-Phone Hours: Time when targeted beneficiaries can call and take the service if they want to. (Coming soon)

Why We Listen?

Most of the problem arises when we do not have anyone to talk to. Also identifying the problem, stressors, challenges or mental condition is another challenge in finding way out in Mental health or Psychological problem. When vaiours mental health issues are sky-rocketing, we believe being somebody listening to non-judgmentally and under confidentiality bided by Psychological ethics, we can be a help to someone in need.

Here, ‘We Listen’ will be a program of our organization where we will give an empathetic space to everyone to share whatever problem they are going through.
When? Where?

  • ‘We Listen-Space’: Every First and Third Saturday from 2-5 PM at PNN center!

Chakrapath, Maharajung , 01-4378822

  • ‘We Listen- Hours’: SMS/Info- Us- anytime.

Phone no. 9860925199 /

(Email and Text anytime you want, you will try to reach to you as per our capacity)


What / How we will do?

  • We will reply you satisfying your query.
  • We will be ear to you nonjudgmentally and bided by ethical considerations.
  • We will talk to you and soothe your problem.
  • We will try to ‘facilitate’ in problem identification and problem solving process
  • We will refer you to the appropriate organization or professionals if needed.



  • We are Psychology graduates working in the field of Psychology and Counseling. We are passionate about making people talk about Mental Health/ Psychology and passionate to help anyone in need. We believe most of the problem (esp. psychological) arises when we do not to have anyone to share it and here we want to be ear to anyone who wants to talk.
  • Our team comprises of ‘Psychology Graduates’ and ‘Psychology Graduates with Psycho-Social Counseling Training’.


Our Chain of Referrals/Advisors for We-Listen:

  • Trishna Gosh Bista, Clinical Psychologists
  • Ritesh Thapa, Psychiatrists
  • Rama Karki, Counselor/Psychologists
  • Gopal Dhakal, Psychologist/Counselor
  • Bishal Dahal, Human Resource Officer



  • We started We-Listen (Hami-Sunchhau) just after Earthquake in Tudhikhel to listen to people who are in need (especially psychological need and others aswell) to help them as per our capacity, to refer them to the professionals and bridge the gap between those people who weren’t listened to the necessary help. We-Listen program was well-received then. This encouraged us to be an ear to many others and we are working in this since then.
    Now, we are coming with ‘We-Listen Space’ aswell. Stay updated. Feedback would be appreciated.
Psychbigyaan Kurakani

Psychbigyaan Kurakani on ‘How to better support students’ (February)

‘Psychbigyaan Kurakani’ is the monthly discourse program which has been organizing by ‘Psychbigyaan Network Nepal’ in certain topics every month. The motive of our program is to open floor for the topics related to Psychology and Mental Health.

And, for the month of February we got the opportunity to hold our discourse for the 12 secondary level teachers of a school, Himanchal Higher Secondary School, Pokhara in February 18th.

Sansar Nepal Representative, Michele, introducing teacher's workshop and PNN team to the teachers!
Sansar Nepal Representative, Michele, introducing teacher’s workshop and PNN team to the teachers!

The major motive was to share information on how to better support students from Psychological perspective and also to interact with them.

The session lasted was of 1 hour. It started with the introduction of the session and its motive, then Psychbigyaan Team interacted with the teachers and tried knowing about the problem seen in students at schools and then team presented the probable problems at school from psychological perspective. Also, later team presented the PowerPoint presentation they prepared as ‘How to better support students from Psychological perspective’. It included various points that teachers have to take care in school and class environment. The program was interactive and teachers were equally participating and sharing their experiences.


Later, the program ended in a good note when teachers gave the feedback saying they will be using those techniques we shared in our presentation.
Psychbigyaan Team comprised of Sujan Shrestha, Kripa Sigdel and Ashish Kafle.

Our special thanks to Michelle Bliss, Amanda Peacock and Sansar Nepal for coordinating the school visit and supporting our February Psychbigyaan Kurakani.