Psychbigyaan Podcasts

Psychbigyaan Podcasts:

‘’Psychbigyaan- Podcast’’ is a monthly  interactive program of Psychbigyaan Network Nepal where we produce audio clips related to Psychology and Mental Health. Psychology is very interesting topic yet the most untalked subject. To rely information regarding psychology, mental health and various aspects of Psychology, we come up with various issues and make a podcast out of it. Team of Psychology Graduates and who are working in the field of Psychology (of our organization) are responsbile for making the podcasts. Each podcasts is the outcome of informal-formal discussion and study of team.

We produce two kind of Psychbigyaan Podcasts:

  1. Psychbigyaan Podcast (Monthly Issue) : Our PNN team make it with the group discussion.
  2. Psychbigyaan Podcast (Informative/Interviews) : We interview professionals and make a audio clips as podcast to rely information on certain topics.

If you want to know about any issue or want us to talk about some specific topic, feel free to write to us.

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