About Psychbigyaan

Psychbigyaan Network Nepal is a registered organization established in 2015. It is purely youth led organization working to promote Mental Health and Psychology.The word ‘Psychbigyaan’ is an amalgamation of a English and a Nepali word . Psych means Mind and Bigyaan (which is a Nepali word) means science.

Our team has enthusiastic Psychology graduates and Psychology interested youths who have been working actively since few years in Psychology and Mental Health as intern or volunteer. We have a panel of four experts in the field of psychology and mental health as our organization’s official advisers.

PNN has concentrated on the issues of Mental health, Psychology, School Mental health, Psychology in Media. And we are open to various other activities which will promote Psychology and Mental health.

PNN aims for promoting psychology and mental health in Nepal. It does various awareness related programs to make the masses more knowledgeable about the subject of mental health and psychology to spell out the several myths and misconceptions regarding the subjects. PNN aims for reducing stigmas regarding mental illness in Nepal and help people to understand about the importance of mental health. We also work in the field of psychology to flourish it by generating discourse and interest in the subject. We like to make psychology as a mainstream academic field and encourage its application in practical basis.

Dhobighat-4, Lalitpur
Bagmati Province