Kripa Sigdel

Kripa Sigdel is founder and Executive Director of Psychbigyaan Network Nepal-PNN. She is also currently working as a faculty in Department of Psychology, Padmakanya Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University. Her expertise and interests are in Academics/Research, Counselling, Training and Program Coordination.

Kripa Sigdel

Multiple-Stories Matter!

Learn more about the stories, people, places, beliefs, everything. Just have multiple stories about one single thing. Learn from Books, talk to people, visit to new places but just don’t make a perspective on the basis of single story you make. Let Brain to see the things from the multiple angles

World Mental Health Day 2018

Young People and Mental Health in Changing World

The growing demands
of modern times, changing values and expectations, shifting relationships, the shrinking space to explore oneself and rapid physical and mental changes put adolescents in the state of perplexity and may not be able to comprehend the changes properly. This may lead to the experience of stress from mild to severe.

My take on Dear-Zindagi!

And in one of the point, when the maid was told ‘Therapist should be consulted when we have complication in life when we cannot solve by ourselves’. She says: ‘Then all of us should go in therapy, no?’. This was my major highlight in the movie. How beautifully the movie has tried to de-stigmatize the ‘MENTAL CONDITION’ and remove the taboo associated to it. How simply it said- we all have complications at times, just that if we cannot handle it by our self in fair amount of time, going to therapy/counselors works, as simple as that!