Psychbigyaan Podcast- 4 : Talking about Mindfulness! (SEPTEMBER)

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Psychbigyaan Team has come up with new podcast for the month of September: ”Talking about Mindfulness”.

Do you have your mind full of thoughts and not being able to concentrate on particular thing? Are you stressed out and you want a way out? Or, do you want to know what it is like to be in the ‘present-state’? Please give a listen to our new podcast., what it is and what it is not, its uses, techniques and many more…. Here is our New Psychbigyaan-Podcast for this month : ‘Talking about Mindfulness’…. Give a listen to it. And let us know if it is helpful or not!

Breathing and the Mental Health

Breathing and the Mental Health – Sanjeev Bhandari Food, cloth, shelter and sex are the basic needs, describe by the Abhram Maslow. However, air is the ultimate need. Human nature does not put the easily available things on the list of important, but without air, life is not possible also for the few minutes. May […]