Manojigyasa Episode 28

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This is the podcast of the radio program Manojigyasa which was originaly broadcasted from Ujjyalo 90 Network. Manojigyasa is a program based on Psychology and Mental Health. This was originally broadcasted on June 4, 2016.

What is the status of researches in Psychology in the context of Nepal? We have featured the paper presentation paper program where contemporary researches in Psychology were presented. Along the line, the listeners will come to know the growing popularity of psychology in Nepal.

One Day Seminar on ‘Contemporary Researches in Nepal’ concluded successfully

participants at the event

Jestha 15, 2073
Padmakanya Campus, Kathmandu

Nepalese Psychology Association (NPA) had organized ‘One Day Seminar on Contemporary Researches in Nepal’ at Padma Kanya Campus, Baagbazaar. The program lasted from 11:30-4:00 PM on the presence of more than 250 Psychology enthusiasts including Psychology students, teachers, professionals and who were interested in Psychology and Mental Health.
The program was initiated byProf. Dr. Sabitri Sthapit and inaugurated by the rector of Tribhuwan University, Sudha Subedi and the chief guest Prof. Dr. Neelam Raj Sharma.