‘Occupational Therapy and Mental Health’

World Occupational Therapy day is celebrated on the 27th October every year. In honour of World Occupational Therapy 2016 we provide a summary about Occupational Therapy (OT). This will be a refresher for those we had the pleasure of meeting last year and an introduction to all those who are unfamiliar with Occupational Therapy.   […]

Psychbigyaan Kurakani on Occupational Therapy (November)

Psychbigyaan Kurakani on Occupational Therapy Teku, November 3 On November 3, 2015 Psychbigyaan Network Nepal held the second edition of Psychbigyaan Kurakani on Occupational Therapy. The event took place on the venue of Innovation Hub, FNNCI building, Teku from 3 PM to 5 PM. The speakers for the program were Amanda Peacock and Carla White […]

Introducing Occupational Therapy

Octobe 27 is celebrated as Word Occupational Therapy Day. Occupational therapy is quiet new topic and its application is rising everyday in the context of mental and physical health. It’s getting prominence worldwide. This is very novice topic in Nepal . We have two occupational therapists from the UK, Mandy and Carla who were recently […]