Psychology and Mental Health Celebrated

  Psych Youth Mela-2016 was the joint effort of the Master’s level students of Padmakanya Multiple campus, Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan university and Trichandra Multiple Campus which was held at Padmana Kanya Multiple Campus on Saturday 24 September, 2016. The event was conceptualized and designed by Psychbigyaan Network Nepal-PNN. The 3 different campuses where […]

Manojigyasa- Episode 5!

manojigyasa poster

This is the Podcast of the radio program Manojigyasa which was originally broadcasted from Ujjyalo 90 Network. Manojigyasa is a program based on Psychology and Mental Health. This was originally broadcasted on Saturday, 19 December 2015, 5:15 PM.

In this episode, we have dealt with:

1) What personality is , its effects on human behaviour, and issues regarding personality including interview with Psychology faculty of PadmaKanya Campus, Minarva Jonche

2) Psychopathy- its causes, effects, and prevention and a case study as an example

3) Pscyhbigyaan-Tip: on how shift work affects our brain.