Looking at Trauma with Gendered Lens

Shripa Pradhan Trigger warning: Trauma, sexual assault Psychology explains trauma in an individual level but we have to understand that the experience of trauma is contextual and is affected by the social structure around us. Gender can be a factor itself for the trauma to occur and the lived experience of trauma also differs due […]

The injustice done by Parva

parva poster

Yesterday, I went to watch the Nepali movie  ‘Parva’ starred by Namrata Shrestha and Koshish Chhetri. Initially I thought it was a horror movie and anticipated to have some goose bumps and heartbeats racing over the scenes. And frankly there were some episodes of that anticipation of the horror but my expectation of it being […]


‘Psychology of Violence’ is one good topic to do research in Psychology or any other social sciences. I am saying ‘Good Topic’ not because it is interesting to go through the details or academic quest to study but because it is the topic so so prevalent in today’s world.  Who knows a good research of […]