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Extra-Maritial Affair In Nepal

It’s sad but true, these days there has been a rise in the number of extramarital cases in Nepal. Cases that I have encountered hail from all the socio economic classes, usually at 50s, and employed personnel.

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अनवरत यात्रा ……

अनवरत यात्रा ……… सबै मानिसहरु आफ्नो जीवनमा उज्यालो , प्रकाश र ज्योति चहान्छन् | त्यही पनि प्राय मानिसहरु जीवनको उज्यालोपनलाई अन्धकारको कालो छायाँ मिसाई जिन्दगीलाई

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Mind Matters

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS! The Kathmandu Post has an editorial (September 10) which we must ponder about it: Last week, Hari Sada, a native of Udayapur

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