We Listen (हामी सुन्छौं )

‘’We Listen’’ is the  program of our team to be a friend of everyone who is in need. We, as Psychology graduates, believe most of the problem arises due to lack of ‘Active Listening’’. And here we practice this to help people who are in need. We listen to your problems and be a good listener to you through the apporaches we learned in Psychology and refer whenever needed.

If you have,

  1. problem to share
  2. any information regarding psychology/mental health is needed
  3. or, anything and everything related to mind & psych…

Write to us anytime in Facebook Message,

  1. Write to us anytime in email address- info@psychbigyaan.com
  2. Write to us in SMS anytime in – 9860925199
  3. Give a phone call in – 9860925199 (from 5 PM- 7 PM, everyday)

How will we do from our capacity?

  1. We will reply you satisfying your query.
  2. We will talk to you and soothe your problem.
  3. We will refer you to the needy place, organization or professional if needed.

Who are we?
We are psychology graduates, working and determined to help you when needed.