Time and Again – New Year Resolution

Sujan is a recent Psychology Graduate and enthusiast psychology student. His interests lies in Research and Clinical Psychology. He is also a writer and blogger. He is also responsible for editing PNN’s website and blog as Chief- Editor

Time and Again – New Year Resolution… -Sujan Shrestha January 1st or Baisakh 1, usually these are the days people are found to be in unusual mood of happiness and optimism. The moroseness of humdrum of life withers away and there blossoms a new man, the man with strong determination and who has belief in […]

अनवरत यात्रा ……

अनवरत यात्रा ……… सबै मानिसहरु आफ्नो जीवनमा उज्यालो , प्रकाश र ज्योति चहान्छन् | त्यही पनि प्राय मानिसहरु जीवनको उज्यालोपनलाई अन्धकारको कालो छायाँ मिसाई जिन्दगीलाई धुम्मल्याइदिन्छन | अन्धकारमा एकछिन बस्दा हामी कति निसासिन्छौँ | एकचोटी सोचौं सारा जिन्दगी अन्धकारमा बिताउनु पर्यो भन्यो हामी हाम्रो जिवनलाई कसरी किनारा लगाउछौं ?तर त्यस्ता केहि मानिसहरु पनि छन् जो […]

Let’s talk about Mental Wellbeing

Let’s talk about Mental Wellbeing … – Sujan Shrestha It’s a good thing that people are getting gradually aware about mental health. Many articles and news reports regarding mental health have surged up in recent days. But our approach has been more a conventional one which focuses on the treatment rather than the prevention of […]

The Barnum Effect

The Barnum Effect Consider the following evaluation of your personality (the research shows the intelligent readers are drawn to the sentences in italic as the statements down below): You are the type of person who has a tendency to be critical of yourself. You have a great need for other people to like and admire […]

Self-concept and self-esteem — are they same??

Self-concept and self-esteem — are they same?? Author : Sujan Shrestha Normally we find people interchangeably using the term self-esteem and self-concept. The prefix of self has helped the people to think that they might refer to the same meaning. When people interchangeably use both the terms, the audience or readers generally fail to discriminate […]