Use of alcohol, smoking and drugs found to be major causes of psychological problems

In todays Nagarik news article, it is reported that use of alcohol , smoking and drugs are the major causes for psychological problems like depression, anxiety and psychosis. Mostly the male population from cities and the outbound workers returned from overseas have been reported for such problems. For the full news click the link below

www_nagariknews_com_main_story_story_26772_html (pdf file )

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  1. Hello Psychibigyaan! The use of these substances are indeed a huge impact on psychological problems and I don’t think many people are truly aware of how big the impact can be. I think it needs to be educated more to the public to steer away from these substances especially in times of hardship, when ones mind is not particularly thinking straight. I would love to share this article, with my followers on twitter and my blog, to raise the issue and furthermore address it! Thanks. Don’t Bottle it Up.

  2. Hey Psychibigyaan! Great Post! Consumption of alcohol can lead to a number of severe mental issues which people tend to overlook due it to being a ‘legal’ drug. People need to be properly educated on the magnitude of the risks involved with alcohol consumption in order to ensure their short and long-term health. Please check out my blog which brings attention to a number of alcohol related risks regarding underage alcohol abuse. Underage drinking is not a MINOR problem!

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