PTSD nudge to the government…

The country has seen lots of natural calamities recently.  The fury of nature has taken hundreds of lives and thousands bereft with the loss of their dear ones and property. The inevitably bears down upon the mental states of the victims of such calamities. The relief program aimed for normalization of the situation often looks for temporary resolvement of the situation but the larger question looms what after that? The government has ignored this aspect of the question and the victims are left with little choice and hard battle ahead. The persons who have gone through these traumatising episodes have the huge chance of getting PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and all other sorts of mental health problems.

The government seems to be short-sighted and totally apathetic to the conditions which demand serious concern and questions. We can’t avoid the inevitability of the mental toll that takes place after such events but we can definitely facilitate the people to come out of the mental sagas to resume their daily lives once again. Not all people needs help. As the time advances, many people get over with their grief but some people don’t come out of the shell. Evidence suggests there will be a surge of more mental health patients in the long-term where there had been the incidence of natural calamities. But the quickest and good intervention can help the people to alleviate out of their trauma. For this the government should come up with the proper plan and strategy in place to address this grave issue.

Natural disasters are unpredictable and overwhelming but we must always be in guard to meet with and respond them. The government should include mental health aspect of the victims in their disaster preparedness and management programs.  Let this be a good nudge to the government

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