Know how to have improved recalling for the exam

Memorising, recalling, retrieving …. these terms are the fundamentals for the performance of the exams. But are we following the right way of practising these fundamentals ?? Memorising and recalling the information is quiet like an art or technique. The article below suggests the way that will significantly help in improving our memory.  The article is based on the research by Researchers Jeffrey Karpicke and Henry Roediger III who set out find: how testing can consolidate our memory of facts. According to the article there are three ways of learning: In the first one, once a student had correctly produced the facts, it was repeatedly studied but dropped from further testing; in the second instance it was repeatedly tested but dropped from further study and in the third instance it was dropped from both study and test. Repeated studying after learning had no effect on delayed recall, but repeated testing produced a large positive effect. So if you know the items already studied when you go for the revision, you might want to skip that part but don’t drop it while you go for the self testing of the information. The detailed article can be read in the following link :

www_bbc_com_future_story_20141202_hack_your_memory_learn_fas (pdf file )

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