Self Esteem and Facebook

Author : Kripa Sigdel

It always understood that people with low self esteem are likely not to have larger friends circle, they are more introvert and more inclined to their personal world rather than involving in many social activities. Since, facebook, a Social Networking site, has played a larger role to outlet their frustration and express their emotions. Because of self-protective orientation, people with low self-esteem may find Facebook especially appealing. They can think carefully about what to say and can avoid the ‘in-the-moment’ awkwardness of face to face interaction. The sample of the study has comprised of 40 individuals who are active facebook users (18 boys and 22 girls) from different areas of Kathamandu. (Age group varies from 16 years to 20 years). A ‘Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale’ was used as a data collection method. Results show that people with low self esteem likely to spend many hours in facebook rather than people with higher self esteem. Whatever may be the cause of low self esteem but they are more likely to spend more hours in facebook and more inclined to avoid face-to-face situation more often. These findings suggests that in today’s world people with low self esteem found a way to project themselves and be attached with the outer world with the social networking site, Facebook. 

Here’s the attached file detailing my study


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