Psychbigyaan Kurakani in British Gurkha College (December)

Dec 13, Sunday
Basbari, Kathmandu

group picture with BGC students

This month Psychbigyaan Kurakani was successfully held in British Gurkha College on December 13, Basbari, Kathmandu. As a part of our monthly discourse program, this time we have slightly modified the module of the program from the previous ones. Unlike the last ones, this Psychbigyaan Kurakani was held in the premise of the college, British Gurkha College and interacted with the psychology undergrad students.

Kripa Sigdel leading the interaction session


The program was started at 8:45 AM in the morning and it went about 75 minutes to 10 AM. Bikas Rai, the founding board member of PNN, started the program with welcoming speech and short introduction to our organization, PNN. After that Kripa Sigdel, the founder and executive director of PNN ,began with the discourse with the students with the general topics related to Psychology. There was a good exchange between the participants and the speaker as it turned out to be very interactive session. She relayed the information about the scope and status of psychology in Nepal and oriented them with the current platform that the students can get in the field of psychology.

participants in the session

Then after that, the session was handed over to Sujan Shrestha, the founder and President of PNN. Sujan talked about the facts and figures of suicide in the context of Nepal and made the participants introspect about their life events that could have tickled the suicidal tendency at some point of their life. In the midst of the interaction, some of the participants even got emotional while sharing their experience. At last Sujan talked about some suicide intervention measures in an individual level that helps to identify the suicidal tendency among their known one and thus can prevent the suicide by helping them to get professional help. The session was concluded with the simple diaphragmatic breathing technique as a stress realising technique

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