Unlocking Mind Through Poetry – August Series

We celebrated the second anniversary of Psychbigyaan Network Nepal with Poetry and Video session. The program was featured by national daily,  Republica , the details of which is given below :

Unlocking the Mind through Poetry’ was organized by Psychbigyaan Network Nepal-PNN on
Sunday at Godavari Alumni Association Hall, Thamel. The event was organized to mark the
second anniversary of PNN, which has been hosting awareness programs through podcasts,
intellectual discussions on psychological and mental health and ‘Psychological Help’ and ‘Mental
Health Campaigns’.

The program saw the participation of 1 2 youths, who performed touching verses on mental
health, suicide depression, anxiety and a few other stigmatized mental health situations.
In the sidelines of the event, program coordinator Kripa Sigdel said the main purpose of the
program was to bring up the issues that affect mental health and wellbeing through poetry.

“Psychology is just not about mental illness, it’s about enhancing our wellbeing as a whole. Let’s
talk about it. Let’s get connected to make the world a mentally healthy place,” she said.
She added that ‘Unlocking the Mind through Poetry’ was a relatively new concept. “The audience
today seemed captivated by sentiments in the poems. This undoubtedly was an effective
approach as it led the audience to discard the stigmas revolving around mental health and
accept the nuances of emotional well-being,” she said.

One of the reasons why ‘Unlocking the Mind through Poetry’ became an exciting place to be was
because it embraced a powerful idea that arts and other forms of expression are oftentimes
effective in relieving emotional burdens. Adding to the artistic ambience of the event, five videos
were displayed to raise awareness on the topic.

By the end of the event, audiences walked away with essential information on how to tackle
suicidal temptations as well as helpline and hotline numbers to reach out to when people
around are dealing with suicidal thoughts.

The program was ended celebrating the birthday of one of the founder of PNN, Kripa Sigdel whose birthday coincided with the birthday of the organization. Some of the pics of the program are:




This is the link to the news report of the event :  mind_unlocked.



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