‘School Mental Health Initiative’ Successfully Accomplished

‘School Mental Health Initiative’ is one of the initiatives of Psychbigyaan Network Nepal. Under this program, our founder and Executive director, Kripa Sigdel, partnered with Global Peace Foundation (GPF) for school outreach program as one of the mentee/young leaders of their project ‘GPW-Young Leadership’ Academy. We reached to 10 different schools of Kathmandu Valley (Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kathmandu) from August 2016 to May 2017 under special sessions to school ‘Stress and Emotional Management Sessions’.

The team for this program (Kripa Sigdel (program leader and trainer), Sujan Shrestha (trainer), Alisha Adhikari(Trainer), Asish Kafle(trainer), Ranju Magar (volunteer)) being the Psychology graduates designed the sessions from the learning and training they had and the literature they studied. The module will be used for other program under our school mental health initiatives.

The major impacts of the project are:

  • Helped students for the stress and emotion management in schools which will ultimately help them transit properly to adult. This will help them adjust well in their academics, family and friends..
  • Students also trained in techniques necessary to use when in problem and cope them.

We believe the major outcomes of this project are:

  • The students were equipped with the technique of stress and emotional management in their life. This will help them deal with the problems and cope which will directly help them better themselves academically and personally.
  • Schools and Teachers were benefited by the information and encouraged to apply these kind of sessions in the future to other group of students


Our Special Thanks to 10 different schools for letting us do our sessions.

1) Ganesh School, Hattigauda, Kathmandu

2) Budhanilkantha School, Naryanthan, Kathmandu

3) St. Paul Boarding School, Thecho, Lalitpur

4) Bouddha Higher Secondary School, Tika-Vairab

6) Sanskaar School, Samakhushi

7) Panchakanya Secondary School of Chhaimale, Lalitpur

8) British Gorkha High School, Bansbari

9) Panchakanya Ma. Vi, Kalimati

10) Lisa English Secondary School, Laibali

Our thanks to Global Peace Women Headquarter for the encouragement and support of needed resources like stationeries and supplies.









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