Psychbigyaan Podcast -2 : ‘About Our Campaign- Hami Sunchhau (We Listen) !’ (JUNE)

Post Earthquake- 2015/April-25, Psychbigyaan team has been doing various works related to children and adolescents.
In continuation to that, we are starting our new campaign called ‘Hami Sunchhau-We Listen’ from June 10 for 15 days in Tudhikhel, one of the largest open space in Kathmandu, where hundreds of affected people are staying in tents post Earthquake.

This campaign uses technique called ‘Active Listening’ and provides initial psycho social support to the affected ones. Also this campaign is supposed to be used and be helpful to caregivers, volunteers, army personnel around there. Our target groups are mostly adults, youths and care givers. We will be using ‘Active Listening technique’ and ‘Solution Focused Approach’ while handling the sessions there. And in case of severe problems, we are interested to link them to the professional and help them as needed.

Please give listen to our Podcast to know more about our Campaign. Podcast gives information about The Campaign, Target Group, Benefits of this Program, Expectations and Outcomes, etc.

This Campaign is first conceptualized by Kripa Sigdel ,coordinated by Sujan Shrestha and helped by Sanjeev Bhandari and Alisha Adhikari. We all are Psychbigyaan team and are actively doing works post crisis. We 4 are responsible conducting sessions for this Campaign.

And, we are also grateful to the supporters ‘Youth Action Nepal (Quake Volunteers)’ for providing us Space and Volunteers and ‘Jackie Dickinson’ for supporting us with other necessary required Materials.

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Feedback related to ‘this Campaign’ and our ‘Podcast System’ will be highly appreciated.
Also let us know if you want to hear discussion on certain issues related to Psychology or Mental Health or post crisis situation.

Also, we will be grateful to hear your stories if you have. Please let us know, we are here.

We Listen-Because We Care!

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