‘How to study Better?’ (PNN School Initiative)

19 July 2016

Psychbigyaan Team conducted mini workshop in British Gorkha College with their school program for ‘How to be better student? The module of the session was designed, developed and put in action by team themselves on the basis of their knowledge and learning.

The major goals of ‘How to study better?’ developed by PNN for schools were:

  • To psycho-educate students on how to better deal with studies and examination.
  • To enhance their mental skills and competencies regarding studies and better tackle with the problems.

The goals were not limited to these. Students gained various other aspects of motivation, learning, psychological aspects from the session.
Psychbigyaan Network Nepal team does various School Programs which includes-Mental Health Initiative, PESH Education and ‘How to study Better?’. Our major motive is to make everyone psychologically fit to tackle life.

Mini workshop team comprised of Ashish Kafle, Sujan Shrestha, Kripa Sigdel, BIkash Rai, ALisha Adhikari, Ranju Magar

For More Photos : https://www.facebook.com/psychbigyaan/posts/846015502167054

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Students Doing an Activity of Mindfulness
Students Doing an Activity of Mindfulness


A student sharing!
A student sharing!
Few of the feedback after the program
Few of the feedback after the program






























FOr more photos : For More Photos : For more https://

Our special thanks to British Gorkha College for inviting us for the session.

School Programs are one of the major focus of PNN. Feel free to let us know if you want us to do our programs in your colleges.

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