PNN’s Mental Health Awareness Week Celebration:


Psychbigyaan Network Nepal celebrated Mental Health Awarness Week from October 4- October 10.

Our main objective is to make people aware about mental health and be open about it. We aim to make the society where mental health is equally dignified, de-stigmatized and prioritized.

We did social campaign posting information on Mental Health, Mental Health Day 2015 on the theme of this year ‘Dignity in Mental Health’.

Our team, everyday posted a plycard with the message in it related to Mental Health and the main objective behind it is to circulate the information regarding mental Health and encouraging everyone to make mental health dignified and de-stigmatized.

The six ply cards are uploaded below:

Kripa Sigdel
”To honor all members of our community, we need to recognize that mental health is something that deserves positive support, and continue the fight against stigma towards mental illness.”


Ranju Magar
‘Many who suffer from life circumstances that have a negative impact on mental health do not have a voice and need to be supported as equal members of society.’


Alisha Adhikari
March for we not me, because what i cannot do and you cannot do, – We CAN DO TOGETHER .So, lets do it together


Sujan Shrestha
October 10 is meant to promote the dignity of every person to recognize that Mental Health is something that we all have in common.


Bikas Rai
We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain. -Alan Watts


Ashish Kafle
PSYCHO-SOCIAL COUNSELING and EMOTIONAL SUPPORT can help OVERCOME MILD MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS WITHOUT ANY MEDICATIONS. “DIGNITY” in mental health is possible through NON-STIGMATIZATION and all INCLUSIVE (and appropriate) approach of people with mental health problems in home, office, education, sports and other settings without any discrimination. (like the way we dont fire a person just because he is diabetic)


We also had a discourse on the theme of ‘Mental Health Day 2015: Dignity in Mental Health’ with the mental health activists and mental health workers on october 5 as one of the event of Mental Health Awareness Week. To read more on the event:



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