ToT on Post Crisis Pychological Care

ToT on Post Crisis Pychological Care

June 3, 2015


Psychbiygaan team gave training to the 8 volunteers of Rise Nepal on the topic Post Crisis Psychological Care on June 2, 2015. It was conducted on the venue of Global Peace Foundation at Kamaladi, Kathmandu. The team members Kripa, Sujan and Sanjeev divided the session among themselves. It lasted for more than 3 hours.


Kripa started the session introducing team and session format for the day. Then, Sanjeev began the session with the relaxation techniques and mindfulness that can be applied to the affected children in the schools. It was a lively session with live practice and demonstration.

Then Kripa and Sujan jointly presented on the general topics of psychological care for more than 2 and half hours.. They taught the simple techniques and ways for post crisis intervention.They also talked about self care, counseling to children and dealing with affected people. The session saw many activities that made the participants more observant and not bored.


The most satisfying outcome of the session was the positive response from the participants. They told the trainers that they got many information which they can apply in the field while volunteering. Psychbigyaan team is thankful to Rise Nepal who believed in the team and gave this opportunity to share the knowledge. The team is encouraged and motivated to do such activities more in the coming days.

(Report by Sujan Shrestha)

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