Psyhbigyaan Kurakani with Renuka Rai (January)

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January 3 , Sunday Teku , Kathmandu The fourth edition of Psychbigyaan Kurakani was successfully held on January 3, in ihub Teku. This time we had Renuka Rai working in the field of psychology and behaviour sciences. The topic for the session was  ‘Use of Arts in the Trauma Work : Focussed in Children who […]

How do I put off the fear of the earthquake?

It’s been nearly 4 months of the earthquake. But frankly the remnants of the fear are still lurking in my mind. On top of that the frequent jumpy aftershock reinforces the fear.

Deepika Padukone and Depression


Deepika Padukone, is a well known bollywood actress. Apparently nobody would think she might be suffering from mental problems because she was famous and rich. But sadly she was alone. This article features her experience going through the episodes of depression. She has put to it bravely and going by her example we can be […]

Use of alcohol, smoking and drugs found to be major causes of psychological problems

In todays Nagarik news article, it is reported that use of alcohol , smoking and drugs are the major causes for psychological problems like depression, anxiety and psychosis. Mostly the male population from cities and the outbound workers returned from overseas have been reported for such problems. For the full news click the link below […]