‘We Listen’ (Hami-Sunchhau)

What is ‘We Listen’ (Hami-Sunchhau)’? We Listen is the name of the free of cost Psycho-social service provided for targeted beneficiaries with a strong chain of referral on behalf of PNN. IT is the voluntary initiation of Psychibigyaan Network Nepal (PNN) where we will try to be ear to everyone who wants to speak out. […]

“We Listen” Came to an Successful End in Tundikhel

We listen poster

“We Listen” Came to an Successful End Psychbigyaan has yet another important accomplishment in its record. With the aim of providing psycho-socio support to the earthquake victims temporarily sheltered in Tudikhel Camp and supervise psychologically to the care givers and service providers, Psychbigyaan had started a 15- day psycho-socio support Program , “We Listen” or […]