A Psychologist is Not a Mind-Reader.

Some MYTHS and REALITIES of Psychology- Experience Says it!!!


-Kripa Sigdel

‘’I study Psychology’’’-I said.

The person asked-‘’’Oh! So you can read my mind huh?’’
Many of us who study psychology relate with this famous experience .

Will medical doctor be able to say which part of your stomach growing Ulcer just because you say ‘’Doctor I have problem in stomach’’ or ‘My stomach is hurting’’.

Psychology in the same way cant tell what’s going on in the head of the person by scanning the face. We study Psychology and that does’nt make us mind reader.
Yes! Psychologists give more emphasis on the behaviour. They do see the gesture while you are talking. They do notice your voice tone and realize whether you are agitated or angry or happy or surprised. But again, this doesn’t make you psychologist. You have to follow some procedure, do some testings, follow some questionnaire, talk for various sessions to get to know exactly what your behaviour tells about you.

And since being a student of Psychology, these myths or misconceptions concern me. So, here I want to point out some myths and realities about Psychology.

1) Psychology and Common Sense are the same.

Only because you say ‘’he or she is angry seeing the frowning face’’, doesnt make you Psychologist. It is the science of behaviour and mental and cognitive process. It is the science in which it uses systematized methods to study behaviors of both human and animals.

2) Psychologists are the MIND-READERS or Face-Readers.

Yes! They do study behaviour. They are called behaviour-scientist but they dont read MIND.
The truth is, they can make inferences about the mental process accurately only by carefully studying behavior or through use of certain standardized psychological tests. They do can tell about what you are thinking. BUT THEY ARE NOT READING MIND. They are carefully analyzing your behaviour and telling you with the reference of scientific study of those behaviours.

3) Only Mentally ill people refer to Psychologist.

Yes, mentally ill people should consult psychologist and psychiatrists or behavior-specialists
But, people can seek psycholigical help for a range of reasons of everyday life.
From managing depression, anxiety to coping with break-ups and divorces’; From seeking counseling for everyday hassles to career enhancement…there are number of reasons where Psychologist can provide help to you.
Now a days, consulting Psychologist is seen as resourceful in the developed countries. Most of the successful CEOs and industrialist people go and seek psychological help to reduce stress and be more resourceful, and to tell you the truth, they are not mentally ill. They are just keeping their mental health sound and perfect.

4) Psychologists arnt the Real Scientists or Psychology is not the real science.

Yes, psychology is more focused on human behaviour and mental process.
BUT! Psychologist uses all the process of scientific study while examining behaviour. They do collect empirical data, use empirical method to study; they do hypothesis testings and make the study objective while coming up with theories; they do use scientific method while doing research and most importantly Psychologists also present their findings in a way that makes it possible for other researchers to replicate their experiments and methods in the future. And, this make them Real-Scientists of behaviour.

It is important to note that psychology as a science does have some limitations. Human behavior can vary and change over time, so what is true in one particular time and place might not necessarily apply in different situations, settings, cultures, or societies. PSYCHOLOGY is a YOUNG- SCIENCE. But, it has all characteristics of REAL-SCIENCE.

5) Psychiatrists and Psychologists are same.

YES, clinical psychologist and Psychiatric work together in the treatment of Mentally ILL people.

Their primary focus is different These two professions and the services provided by each profession differ in terms of content and scope. Psychologist are the ones who study behaviour and mental process. While Psychiatrists are the ones who have completed their specialization with psychiatry as the major subject. They focus more on the biological factors of mental illness and primarily use medicines to treat mental illness.
Hence, these are some misconception about Psychology which I sorted out in the process of studying Psychology. And I wish everyone would also get over of these misconceptions and I would never be asked again with the same question again—‘’So, you study Psychology, huh….Okay, now tell me whats on my Mind, reading my face’??

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