Psychbigyaan Kurakani in British Gurkha College (December)

group picture with BGC students

Dec 13, Sunday Basbari, Kathmandu This month Psychbigyaan Kurakani was successfully held in British Gurkha College on December 13, Basbari, Kathmandu. As a part of our monthly discourse program, this time we have slightly modified the module of the program from the previous ones. Unlike the last ones, this Psychbigyaan Kurakani was held in the […]

Another Suicide…Whom to Blame??


The Result of 11 grade was out just last day and today I heard a boy committed suicide because he failed the exam. Whom to blame? Education System, family, the boy himself or something else?

कसैले जीवनसँग हार खान नपरोस्!


(The bitter reality of life: Is Death an ultimate solution for problems? Why do we still not consider ways (psychological treatments, therapies, counseling and better mental health) to escape from the problems? Here is an amazing write up. ) By: Abdus Miya मृत्यु जीवनको अन्त्य होईन, शुरुवात हो अरे। यो कुरा साँचो होस्, अनि मेरो […]

BBC Nepali weekly discussion Program


bbc nepali weekly discussion featured the discussion on mental health on 15th November 2014 with mental health activist Matrika Devkota and psychiatrist Dr. Arun Raj Kunwar. The discussion was focussed specially on depression led suicide and other mental health problems in general. The symptoms and effects of depression , the mentality of people with regard […]

Start Accepting Mental Problem!!

-Kripa Sigdel Its so depressing when the profession you aspire to have is helpless to save the life of people. Its so depressing to see so many deaths just because of some problems that require psychological help. I wonder why Psychological Help or Mental illness so stigmatized in our country. It is normal when we […]

Worrying trendz in festivity

Clinical psychologist Bijaya Gyawali is worried about the increasing tendency of suicidal rates around festivity such as Dashain . Click the following link to read more from him