Psycbigyaan Felicitated for its Post Earthquake Initiatives

Jawlakhel, 24 April  2016

On the occasion 1st anniversary of the devastating 2015 Gorkha Earthquake that shook Nepalses from Inside, Psychbigyaan Network Nepal was felicitated with the certificate of Appreciation for its post earthquake initiative, by the Government of  of Nepal, Gobal Peace Foundation Nepal,  United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and Global Young Leaders Academy. The award was given to 12 influential organizations. And PNN was one of the short-listed organization. The award was given in the program, APPDSA , Asia Pacific Peace and Development Service Alliance organized by GPF Nepal with the Government of Nepal and various other government institutions and NGOs and INGOs.

Sujan gettinng the certificate

PNN had done several post earthquake initiatives. They are listed in the link below:

“We Listen” Came to an Successful End in Tundikhel

ToT on Post Crisis Pychological Care


Along with these activities Psychbigyaan went to the government schools for psycho education on resiliency and stress management. It has also conducted a survey on the possible psychiatric cases that might be developed after the impact of the earthquake. The research will be made public soon after sometime.

Psychbigyaan team is truly motivated by this felicitation. Lots of things are needed to be done on many aspects. It is imperative to have a follow up or continuous psychosocial services and programs as the critical period for developing mental conditions and illness due to the earthquake is not yet over and also to make people mentally prepared for such future disasters.



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